26 April 2022

Embrace your inner child

The child we have been dwells within us, through all our ages. A child's suffering can install a limiting pattern of behavior, which can later prevent the adult from realizing herself/himself freely. Embracing our inner child in our awareness and love is essential to heal, liberate and thrive.
25 April 2022

Honouring our children

Little seed of human, little seed from the stars.
19 March 2022

Part II. Sowing light

Spring is back, let us sow light.
19 March 2022

Part I. Anchoring to elevate

On this month of March when winter surrenders to spring, I am writing you a letter in two parts. The first one gets back to the effervescence triggered by the current events, so as to help you preserve your balance and find your soundness. The second one invites you to sow joy and love, so as to make germinate a more beautiful world.
12 February 2022

The Feminine and the Masculine

On Valentine’s month, let us be invited to the most sacred union, the inner union of the feminine and masculine within each of us. In this newsletter, I am describing the qualities of the feminine and masculine energies and why nurturing and keeping them in balance is important. This is my invitation to reclaim your most inspired creativity and power of action, so that this inner union can birth your highest dreams out into the world.
10 January 2022

Find your truth

In times of confusion, it is vital that we each cultivate inner discernment, as the sound gate-keeper to defending our rights and freedom. I am sharing some thoughts and hints for finding your own truth. It’s about preserving your clarity of mind through stress, reclaiming your intelligence beyond conditioning and accessing your innate intuition for guidance.