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30 May 2022

June 2022

Dear All,
This month of June is full of nice rendez-vous. A Super Full Moon is at closest to our Earth - the Amerindians poetically call it the Strawberry Moon, or the Bloom Moon. The Solstice, of summer or winter depending on the latitude, reminds us of the duality always between light and dark. Then at dawn from our Earth, we will be granted a very remarkable alignment of the planets of our solar system. In closing, we will be on the trail of a comet and its a meteor shower.


To pause within is to suspend for an instant the race of our days. It is to welcome into our lives a moment of beauty, or simply of a little more sweetness – smiling from a pretty moon’s name, knowing that we are alive on this Earth, having a tender thought for someone, remembering the immense Universe.

To pause within is to get for a short time out of our worries, stress or anxiety, and return to our living and essential presence. Just a moment, when we interrupt the incessant speech of our mind and the grip of our exhausting emotions, to come and recharge our batteries in the Beautiful.

Over the successive moments, you cultivate your inner peace and develop your resources to face the challenges of life.


I share with you some practical suggestions to settle these moments in your life.
Create moments of pause

Dedicate moments in your day to pause : when you get up or go to bed, before a meal, etc. A small alarm on your watch or phone can be a good start.

Then even only for a few seconds, suspend your activity or give your attention to this moment of awareness.

Come back within

Pay attention to your breath, take even one single inhale and exhale a little longer and slower than usual. Notice the sweetness of the moment.

Place your hand on your heart or wrist. Feel the beat of life.


Let a sweetness touch your heart, in the present or in the reminiscence of a memory - a tiny little thing, a touching word, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the majesty of the waters ...

Lay a loving thought on the world - for someone, for an animal, for the planet …

Remember the stars in the stillness of a night - from so far away. Remember there is Greater.

To pause within is to rise. Beyond our human condition and divisions, it is remembering that we are one and the same humanity. In a cosmos punctuated by the dance of the heavenly bodies and the mysterious laws of life that are beyond our comprehension. It is touching a little of this Infinite in us.
To pause within is to welcome. This elusive moment when the inhale surrenders to the exhale. With wonder and gratitude. It is to leave the door of our heart open. So that, there - who knows, for an infinitesimal moment perhaps - Grace may reveal itself.

I accompany you to liberate from emotional wounds and life blockages, so that you can embody your authentic Being and create a life aligned with the desires of your heart.