24 February 2022
Part II. Sowing light
19 March 2022

March 2022
Dear All,

On this month of March when winter surrenders to spring, I am writing you a letter in two parts. The first one gets back to the effervescence triggered by the current events, so as to help you preserve your balance and find your soundness. The second one invites you to sow joy and love, so as to make germinate a more luminous world..


The events of the past weeks have triggered an effervescence and a perceptible fear among the populations. One threat succeeding to the other, this suddenly eclipsed from the screens two years of sanitary then climatic narratives, always anxiety-provoking. Differing positions and attitudes continue to divide people within families, friends and colleagues, continuously distending the bonds.

Remaining sovereign of our attention

Let us ensure that we remain sovereign of our attention and thus of our energy – related to our thoughts and emotions, that is not compelled to be carried away over mountains and throughs by what is presented to us. It is a way to preserve our psychological, emotional and physiological health. Ultimately, it is also a way for our Being to remain conscious and free in regards to what we are conceding to or not.

By no means is it about indifference, apathy or fleeing from the world. It is always about awareness, consent and enlightened soundness.

Anchoring ourselves to elevate

When the samara that carries the maple seed ceases to fly to the four winds, it can then land and rest quietly on the soil. Then it will be able to germinate and rise into a big tree, offering the shelter of its shading and the generosity of its sap and wood.

When the factions are busy at their various fights on the battlefield, the eagle that rises to the sky in its quietude can see that all are moving toward the ravine. It is vain to tear each other into false fights when the actual danger is occulted to us.

Elevate your vision by anchoring yourself in the stillness of your heart. Thus, you will grow your wise understanding of the world and more than ever you will know your righteous place there.

My Inner Blooming mentoring supports you to preserve your emotional balance and reconnect with your higher wisdom to thrive and grow.