Part I. Anchoring to elevate
19 March 2022
Honouring our children
25 April 2022

March 2022
Spring is back, let us sow light.


The spring light is returning and lingers more on our days. On this occasion, let us take a moment to honor the Light workers who out of sight are nurturing the world with peace and love.

Sages, meditators, men and women of prayer or simply of pure heart, without doubt do they know. The act within the seemingly non-act. Withdrawing for a moment from mundanities as a mean to work in and for the world, dwelling within the heart to radiate love out to humanity and the Earth.

Sowing light

We can be Light workers, each in our own way.

We conceive a project (a house, a new job etc) first within our minds, sometimes we nourish it with our dreams, before we work at realizing it in the matter. In a similar way, we can conceive the Earth that we are wishing to create : let us take inner instants to visualize it envelopped in light and send love.

Let us choose not to feed fear but love. In simple ways : let us sow beautiful thoughts and acts in joy, let us be amazed, let us be in gratitude.

At equinox, light and darkness are in balance. If we cease to feed the dualities, then can occur the absolute clarity.
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