The Feminine and the Masculine
12 February 2022
January 2022
Dear Ones,

At the dawn of 2022, I am sending you my best wishes for a luminous New Year. May you find your own inner truth.

In these times of confusion, it is vital that we each cultivate inner discernment, so that we can stand in full awareness as free humans.

The outside world is presently a place of overwhelming anxiety-provoking information and contradictory narratives. Learning to decipher truth from potential disinformation and deceptions is the sound gate-keeper to defending our rights and freedom.

This is not the most comfortable and easiest way I am inviting you to. But this may take you on an enlightening journey that could change your life and help you elucidate what you want to stand for in this world.

I am sharing with you some thoughts and hints that you can explore for finding your truth.

Preserve your clarity of mind

When we are feeling anxious, scared or stressed, our heart rate accelerates and varies incoherently, inhibiting optimal brain function as the energy is mobilized into the body for fight-or-flight. Restoring heart-to-brain coherence optimizes our clarity of mind and decision-making.

De-stress : unplug from anxiety-provoking broadcast, breathe deeply and regularly a few times and let you be appeased in the simple awareness of your breath, practice as often as you can to strengthen your resilience baseline.

Reclaim your intelligence

Do not let you be told what to believe. Do not consent to be deprived of your ability of thinking by yourself. Single mandatory thinking and censorship must not be an acceptable path.

Explore broader: diversify your sources of information, question the narratives with a critical mind, reach out for original data, unravel upstream where the fundings come from.

Explore within: am I reacting out of fear, what are my limits to give up my freedom for safety, do I expect zero risk?

Tap into your intuition

Just as we know deep within us what is of goodness and what is not, our innate intuition can guide us to truth through steady appearances.

Listen : breathe deeply to calm the noise of your mind, ask your heart / soul for guidance and receive what comes in the present or later ; the received information may be subtile (inspiration, feeling or sensation, visual or hearing).

Trust : follow the hints, expand your knowledge with an open-mind and your knowing with an open-heart.

You can be initially supported in developing access to your intuition by meditation or in a more active way by sophro-analysis. The magic of synchronicities may very soon appear in your life to assist your quest and inner growth.

We are all unique and there may be as many subjective truths as there are stars in the universe, filtered by each one’s personal emotions, experiences and conditioning. Let us not be divided but honour diversity in unity, we are part of the same humanity. Bring your own wisdom so that altogether we can unveil piece after piece the common Truth of humanity that will set us free.

My Inner Blooming mentoring supports you to preserve your emotional balance and reconnect with your higher wisdom to thrive and grow.