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10 January 2022
24 February 2022

February 2022
Dear Ones,

On Valentine’s month, let us be invited to the most sacred union, the inner union of the feminine and masculine within each of us.

Regardless of our gender, we hold in us both feminine and masculine energies, the yin and the yang. Both are meant to be healthy in balance and intertwined in harmony. Disbalance of these polarities may lead to inner wounds of our being, that are mirrored into external troubles in our life.

Wounded and healed polarities

The feminine energy relates to our intuitive and receptive inner part. When wounded, it lacks inspiration and belief into its own capacities and can get stuck in its fears and emotional imprints. The healed feminine is infinitely creative, flowing and abundant; it is the bold dreamer and evolutionary guide of our life.

The masculine energy relates to our rational and structured inner part. When wounded, it may be overly rigid and materialistic, controlling and seeking external fulfilment of its needs. The healed masculine is self-responsible and taking action to support the feminine impulse for creation; it is fully embodying its power in alignment of high values.

Healing your feminine and masculine

As for all separation and duality in this world, we can choose to heal and reunite our feminine and masculine with awareness and love ; so they can nurture each other and together birth our inspired visions out into the world.

Below are some tips that can help you heal inner wounds and disbalance.

Grow your self-awareness : what of the above resonates in you, which parts in you have been dismissed or undermined, imbued with fear or shame, how does it reflect in your relationship with yourself and others? Receive what comes without judgment and send love to all parts of you.

Cultivate your feminine : free your creativity, give yourself permission to be and not mandatorily do, enable time to be in your receptivity (like moments of inner silence), let it flow .. and let it go, if it needs to.

Cultivate your masculine : be responsive to the spontaneity of the moment and take actions to support the energy of creation, be firm and purpose-driven with an open-heart and strong high values.

Return of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

In the current patriarchal society, we have been shaped to most exclusively develop and value the masculine aspects and mental knowledge; this might be a distorted masculine though, when it becomes oblivious of the qualities of the heart. The feminine aspects and intuitive knowing have been denigrated for so very long; it must though not become distorted in being severed from its purest nature.

When our feminine and masculine are healed, dancing in harmony and reconnected to our true original essence – our purest nature, our heart, our soul, Beauty or the Divine - they become Sacred. This is my invitation. It is time that we heal ourselves and reclaim our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, anchoring their beautiful qualities and birthing our luminous visions into the world.

My Inner Blooming mentoring supports you to preserve your emotional balance and reconnect with your higher wisdom to thrive and grow.