Embrace your inner child
26 April 2022
23 June 2022

May 2022

Dear All,
At this time of the year when we honor Moms and Dads – in this world or behind the veil, I share about the importance of appeasing our relationship to our parents. In order to deploy our authentic Being and watch over our lineage.

Liberating ourselves

In the relationship of a young child to his/her parents (biological and/or adoptive), there commonly are needs and lacks, words unspoken and sufferings. These are like ropes woven in the invisible between us and our parents, that can last within us through all our ages. The ropes condition the adult we become, maintaining us in our wounds and hindering us in our fulfillment.

We can also inherit patterns (beliefs, fears, behaviors, life situations...), that we reproduce more or less consciously by fidelity / loyalty or that we reject by opposition; this binds us in one way or the other, in both cases we are reacting to the family clan and therefore, we are not free.

To unfold our true nature and unleash our full potential, it is essential to untie the suffering ropes and return to our ancestors the patterns that do not belong to us.

Growing our compassion

Our parents themselves lived in the unresolved lacks and sufferings of their own childhood and their own history – which make them the perfectly imperfect young adults and then parents they have been to us.

I invite you to this conscious sight on the ancestral lineage and on the web of humanity. It is from this awareness that we can understand with the heart and bring our compassion to the shadows or suffering parts in our parents. Our compassion is the love that transmutes and appeases.

The immense healing

Thus, I invite everyone to work on healing their own wounds. It is an essential work of love and liberation across generations. By healing ourselves for ourselves, we also soothe our ancestral lineage and protect our children. We heal the web of humanity.

My Inner Blooming mentoring walks you through your emotional healing process, by growing the awareness and opening the heart to compassion. Should you need it, we will create a sacred time to soothe you from the loss of a parent or loved one.